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If you have or are considering starting your own business and will have employees, you must give thought to how you will do your payroll. There are lots of different ways to do so from doing it all by hand to completely automating your payroll on the computer. Each takes a different investment and level of experience however if you want to be most efficient then doing your payroll on the computer all the way to making sure you generate pay stub forms and checks will help you save both time and money in the long run.  The Easiest and most cost effecient programs on the market today is at

Most employees will demand some sort of official pay stub; this helps them to keep track of their wages and the amount of deductions you take each week. It offers them the ability to check their paychecks to make sure they are accurate and they are getting paid properly. In addition they need pay stubs if they should decide to take out loans, apply for credit or any number of other reasons. This is an important part of their paperwork and you will need to make sure that you provide it for them.

When you get ready to generate pay stub forms you will want to consider carefully the template you will use. It looks very unprofessional and can generate a lot of confusion if you choose to generate a pay stub that does not have the deductions broken down properly. You will need a spot for each of your individual deductions including federal, state, local and any deductions you may take for things such as health insurance and 401K plans.

It is also helpful if when you generate a pay stub it has year to date fields, this allows you and your employees how much money they have made during the year as well as how much they have paid in taxes and deductions. Finally you should also have a place to show how many regular hours as well as overtime hours your employee has worked as well as the rate of pay they receive for each.

Make sure that there is a place for your name and your employee’s personal information and you will have a complete pay stub that will meet all the needs of employees.  is an excellent resource for finding a way to generate pay stub forms for your use. There are literally hundreds of sites available that have forms for every state and many even offer you the opportunity to customize your form to suit your needs.

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FREE Sample Pay Stub Paystubs Getting the Help You Need!

Print Past Present and Future Paystubs Here!

It is an unfortunate fact that in today’s tough economy there are many people who have to ask for help with their bills that have never had a financial problem in their lives. People are turning to state and local agencies to help them with their heating bills and to put food on the table in droves.  For those who must apply for these assistance programs, proof of income must be provided.  The only way to do this is to provide a sample pay stub that shows how much you are currently earning.  The Best place to get paycheck stubs past present and future is at

For those who have lost their jobs and are on unemployment the related agencies will contact the appropriate unemployment services office for proof, for those who are lucky enough to still have a job a sample pay stub will be required as no other proof of income will  be accepted. Those who are trying to make ends meet on minimum wage can use their sample paystub to show that their income is low enough to qualify them for the various assistance programs that are available.

To get assistance with debts most people turn to lending agencies in an attempt to get a consolidation loan. This type of loan requires that they meet certain criteria, this includes being able to prove that they have undergone a significant reduction in their income. The only way to do this is to show the person in charge of the program a sample pay stub from when they were drawing full pay and one from the new lower pay rate.

The only way that these financial institutes will work with anyone to restructure their loans is if they can prove that they have taken a major cut in their income. A sample of both before and after pay stubs will be required and for this reason you should always keep at least one year’s worth of pay stubs on file. This way you can always prove that you have lost a large percentage of your income and qualify for the financial help you need to keep your family housed and fed.

Each sample pay stub you have not only shows the person’s gross pay, but the actual per hour rate. This makes it much easier for the agency to see where a significant change in pay has taken place. The pay stub also shows all deductions including taxes and miscellaneous items such as health insurance payments as well as the net pay or how much the employee actually takes home at the end of the week. There are those who feel keeping a sample pay stub is a waste of time, however once that same person needs help they will quickly see just how important this simple form really is.

Get your free personal copy of our paycheck stub w2 and 1099 form generator/creator for free at

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